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Clinician - MSW, LISW

Allyson has experience with adolescents and young adults in many different levels of care (PHP/IOP/individual). She works hard to create a welcoming, calming, and open minded environment to help you feel comfortable and share at your own pace. Allyson holds a passionate belief that everyone deserves to feel safe, loved, and empowered and can benefit from therapy at some point in their life. She enjoys working with clients with trauma, anxiety, depression, & ADHD. 


During therapy Allyson provides a non-judgmental approach with a focus on both confidentiality and open conversations with both adult/parents and kids/adolescents.


Life is hard and Allyson wants to be able to make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to succeed in life. Everything that is said in sessions stays between you and her (she won’t tell your parents anything until you want to talk about it) unless there is current child/elder abuse or thoughts of harming self or others. She want you to have time to work through problems in therapy while empowering you to talk with your parents about problems as needed. Your voice is so important!


To parents, Allyson is so glad you’re taking this step for your child! Being a parent is hard and she appreciates you taking the time to ensure that your child’s health is a priority. Everything that is said in sessions stays between the child and herself unless there is current child/elder abuse or thoughts of harming self or others to keep confidentiality. However, Allyson does provide parent sessions to keep an open line of communication regarding progress and anything else that may come up. Your opinion, observations, and concerns about your child are very important to her! 


Allyson understands that adulting is hard and she is so proud of you for taking the step to better yourself! In therapy she works to empower you to make your own choices, identify/feel your emotions, and process through your needs. Your feelings and struggles are valid!


"Thank you for considering me as your therapist and I can’t wait to meet you!" 


Ps. The pups name is Nova & she will periodically make visits to therapy sessions 



Tuesday 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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