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Clinician - LPC

Cara has worked with children and adults in several different roles for over 10 years. In her
career as a counselor, she has primarily specialized in the treatment of trauma, depression,
addiction, life changes, and anxiety. She also has extensive experience in many other areas of
treatment. Cara has a passion for helping others, and her approach to therapy is strongly
grounded in identifying the pathway for treatment by meeting clients where they are at and
using their strengths to help them reach their goals.

Cara’s approach to therapy is predominantly focused on ensuring clients meet their own goals
for the issues they identify they would like to address. Her therapeutic perspective focuses on
providing the tools and directions clients need to accomplish these goals.

Her clients most commonly describe her as compassionate, accepting, and insightful to how life
experiences have affected their perspective.



Monday: 10 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 7 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 7 PM

Wednesday: 9 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 5 PM

Thursday: 9 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 5 PM

Friday: 9 AM - 2 PM

Cara Anderson: TeamMember
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